Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Note to the Reader

Dear Reader

The Screaming Boodha is not related to his holiness Gautam Buddh in any way, in fact this blog shall be host to the geriatric whims and senile idiosyncrasies of a mildly nauseative character. Boodha (as the author prefers to be called) may refer to himself in the third person, first person or sometimes when in sublime bliss - as inanimate objects. Also take note my dear reader, that Boodha has a tendency to offend, ridicule, poke fun at the weak and stupid and express gratitude through copious amounts of flatulence. Also, when confronted with gross error in judgement or obvious mistranslations of facts; Boodha shall proceed to insult your mother, your father or any other family member you happen to hold dear and defend his point to a rather shameless grave. And when Boodha no longer feels so full of himself he shall stop writing and take a nap.



  1. First of all, my respect and gratitude to Boodha Ji, and welcome to the world of blogging.. Hope to get something better than Mr. Amitabh Bachchan's illogical rants or a Fake IPL player's commentary.

    (And btw your old neighbour and friend Fatima Bi says hello)

  2. I welcome u outta the world of monosyllables :) geriatric whims?? lets see how that turns out!! i hope to never hear u complain abt taxes/pension or knee pains!!
    Here's hopin you find the world dim-witted and comical enuf to continue this expedition to, what i can only percieve as, pre eminence of gigantic proportions!!